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My Newborn Essentials

When Ewan was first born it was top of my to-do list for a long time to do a blog post about the things as a mummy to a newborn I felt were the must haves. But lets be honest I barely had time to eat or wash my hair never mind sit down and construct a blog post that made any sense! So here they are....
(I'll include links to where you can buy them!)

*Muslin Cloths
I know it goes without saying that you buy these things but honestly they are a god send. I literally used them for everything; 
-to wipe up sick
-to cover me whilst I breastfed
-to keep Ewan warm if I'd rushed out and forgotten a thin blanket in the process
-to blow Evie's nose
They are so useful to have to hand at all times and I dread to think what I'd have done without them. I'd definitely recommend paying just that little bit more for some softer ones but then we also found the Sainsbury's ones were fab and so affordable.…

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