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My tips and tricks for Center Parcs!

Considering the fact I’m currently in my swimming cossie at the Subtropical Swimming Paradise at Center Parcs I figured it was only fair I did a blog post on my tricks and tips for a break away to Center Parcs. By no means am I an expert but with us coming here 5 times in the past 18 months I’ve come to learn what’s good and what’s not around here! So here goes....
-Take your own food! We have found by doing a super luxury food shop the day before we come to Center Parcs we not only save tonnes of money but also make our lives so much easier. The food here can be pretty pricey and quite often nothing to rave about! So we decided that by doing a big food shop with all those bits you walk past in the supermarket every week and think no I can’t justify spending that on some food or nope we definitely don’t need that this week we’d make our stay so much more enjoyable. Not only from a money prospective but an energy one too! After a day of park trips and swimming after swimming we have foun…

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