My 5 Tips on How to Stay Organised as a Mum

Before I had two children getting out of the door for 8.45 was a breeze, I'd wake up, get showered, have breakfast, my lunch would already be made for me or I'd grab something out, I'd do my hair and make-up, get dressed and leisurely head out of the door. Now however getting out of the door was 8.45 is STRESS, I rarely have time to put an outfit that actually matches together never mind brush and style my hair or put a scrap of make up on. Simple tasks such as the weekly food shop as a mission and keeping my house tidy and clean to the standard my OCD mother taught seems near enough impossible. So here's my 5 tips on how I keep organised as a mummy of two...

1) Make lists. 
As a child I used to mock my mum for the endless lists she used to make. Everyday without fail there would be a fresh list of what she needed to do on the notepad she kept between the fridge and the bread bin. But now as a mum myself LISTS ARE LIFE. In fact I often have lists of lists which Joe really doesn't understand! I find having a visual reminder and something I can physically cross off one by one really does help me see what needs to be done that day or what we're having for dinner that night and there is nothing more satisfying than going to bed at night with a fully crossed off list! If you are super tech savvy and don't like the idea of handwriting it all I've also been known to use an app called Wunderlist, thats pretty fab too!

2)Do what you can when the kiddos aren't there.
I know theres an unwritten rule that you should sleep whenever your baby does but I find it so much easier to get everything I need to done when I haven't got a baby needing my attention and cuddles and I haven't got a dozen Trolls surrounding me because I'm a Burgen. As soon as both children are down for the night I have a half an hour window where Joe isn't home from work so I give the house a quick tidy, get packed lunches made, get clothes out ready for the next day and get everything I can done before the chaos of the morning!

3) Leave your phone alone!
After a quick flick through my social media whilst I have my morning wee I leave my phone upstairs whilst I crack on with bottle making, children dressing and bed making. There is nothing more distracting than your phone and before you know it half an hour has disappeared (along with 3 Poundland Haul videos, 10 Instagram stories and 2 Daily vlogs!) Leave it somewhere out of sight!

4) Get your kiddos to help you!
Now Evie is 4 (Yes 4!) I've really started making sure she helps out, she knows if she gets box after box of toys out she'll be responsible for making sure the majority of those toys are put back in those boxes before she can watch her tablet or the TV. We've practiced brushing her teeth so in a morning I only need to do a quick top brush before its another thing ticked off the to do list. Kiddos love responsibility and the sense of feeling proud so its a win win all round really! Oh and before I forget theres a song on youtube called the Tidy Up Rhumba. Its the dogs bollocks for getting them to hurry their little bums along!

5) Create a routine.
As much as I believe children should be left to do as they please, eat when they ask and not be forced to do things they really don't want a morning and evening routine really does help limit stress and makes it less likely you turn into that shouty dragon mum!  It means the kiddos know what to expect next and know in the back of your head everything is ticked off that mental to do list before the pre-school drop off is done!  Make use of the time any partners or any extra hands are available to help too, even if its as simple as getting breakfast or one child ready, it'll minimise the strain on you.

What are your tips for keeping organised as a mama?

Much Love


  1. Haha at the list thing. I have always been a list person but my OCD can't cope when things are not crossed off in order so I am always rewriting the list!


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