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When the children are in bed, the house is clean and tidy and the husband has been sucked into a game of FIFA or Clash of Clans theres nothing more I love than sit down with a hot cuppa tea and a book. I find the downtime so necessary especially after a super busy full on day with two kiddos, I feel like I need to time away from some form of screen to come back down to earth, to realise that not everybody lives and like those of the peoples you follow on social media and so obsessively watch every single day. I love to get lost in a book that makes me laugh, makes me cry or makes me feel that yes it will get better this horrific parenting hole I'm currently stuck in. So here are just 5 of the books that I couldn't recommend anymore.....

1) The Unmumsy Mum
This book as a parent, a parent to be or even grandparent (Yes I made my mum read it!) will make you pee yourself laughing, nod your head in agreement, cry that bloody hell somebody else is going through exactly what I am and just make you feel 100 times better about who and how you are as a parent. Its a bible in my house and I often find myself flicking back over the pages when I just need somebody, anybody who has experienced whatever I may currently be going through to tell me, its going to be okay.

2) Gone Girl
I'd forgotten just how good this book was until me and Joe watched the film over Christmas. As most books, the book is so much better than the film!It's one of those books that has you hooked from the start and guessing and then second guessing whats going happen next all the way through. I couldn't put this book down when I first read it and I can remember reading in a couple of days after spending every spare second I had addicted to the blessed thing. ( P.S that was before I had two children and I was on holiday with no wi-fi or cleaning or cooking to do!)

3) The Hunger Games series
I read these books when I was in sixth form and I can remember loving every single page of them so when I saw them in a charity shop not so long along I just had to buy them to have another read. And yes 6 years down the line I am still so obsessed with these books and to be fair the films are pretty good too. They are just so full of adventure, love, twists and turns but aren't one of those reads whereto find yourself having to concentrate so hard and cling onto every word just so you understand the gist of the story. I'd definitely recommend these as a series you can go back to again and again.

4) Anything Harlan Coben
I find these books so so so addictive, they leave you hanging from the very first page. Every Harlan Coben book I have read to date has either included a murder, a missing person or some form or event that keeps you grasped onto your book the whole way through. They can be pretty gruesome and very descriptive but not horror filled so that you don't sleep at night! Mr Coben is definitely an author that you can easily become hooked on!

5) My Baby and Me
I absolutely love this book and its fab to have to hand, it has recipes, tips, stories, advice and exercises in it but isn't in the slightest way, shape or form patronising. Sam Faiers really understood what a new mum needs when she wrote this book and it has helped me out so many times. When I was breastfeeding this book definitely helped me out tonnes, Sam gave such an honest and true account of what breastfeeding is like and how to make it easier for yourself! Amen to you for that sister!

Do you have any favourite books I could give a whirl?

Much Love


  1. Ooh I'll need to try some of these! Absolutely loved The Hunger Games books when they came out. :)
    I've been loving the Throne Of Glass series by Sarah J Maas... it's on book 5 (or 6?) now and I'm hooked!

    1. I’ve not read any of those! What’s the basic outline of them? I’ll definitely have to try them!

  2. I loved the hunger games books! Definitely going to get the unmumsy mum book :-)

    1. I don't know if you like true like books but Cathy Glass ones are amazing she's a foster carer who writes about children she has fostered x

    2. The unmumsy mum book is fab honestly! oh gosh that sounds fab, I'm just finishing one off about toddler behaviour and how to speak to them and then ill definitely try find one. thank you!


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