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I've been a tad quiet on the blogging front recently but with so much else going on this definitely had to take a backseat so first of Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely, happy and healthy Christmas and New Year and you're ready to see what this year has to throw at us all!
So where have I been...?
First of all we got married, it was everything we both wanted and we ended the day feeling so in love, so content and so glad we decided to do things our way. I've got to say married life doesn't feel any different though, when you've lived together, had a baby and argued over your OCD ways already another ring on your finger doesn't really change much. Don't get me wrong it feels amazing when people ask your name and we're now all a Hollings but I'm definitely still working on my signature!

Next there was Christmas, we wanted to make Christmas extra special for Evie this year with it being the first year she really did know what was going on. She absolutely loved it, even if 2/3 of the way through opening her presents she gave it up as a bad job and told us we could unwrap them for her! It was just magical seeing her face light up on Christmas morning and having the chance to chat,spend time with and eat such tasty food with all my family. It was our first Christmas a a family of four and having Joe home with us for such a long period of time was everything I could have asked for.

3 days after Christmas we moved, not just down the road but just over an hour away to a little market town in York. It was a big decision to make for me and Joe and it definitely took thinking, writing notes down and calculations but we made the leap of faith and did it.  The move itself wasn't that stressful, just exhausting. Well and truly exhausting. My family were amazing, from offering childcare, to loading vans to driving back and forth with us and I honestly couldn't thank them enough. It took us a few days to turn the house around and find homes for things and we're still settling and finding our feet in our new home. I am so so so so proud of us for having the balls to make the move and I know it's the right thing for us and the kiddos who will be the ones who truly benefit from it.

Shortly after was New Year, we headed back to Bradford for a family get together. We spent New Years Eve playing cards, eating MORE food and having those good old family discussions. I can't wait to see what crazy adventures we get up to this year and what else is thrown our way. All I know is there'll be no more babies!

Amongst all this I've been the most anxious I've felt in a very very long time. Some events happened back at our old house that have definitely unnerved me. Back at the old house I'd be up every hour, checking the cars were okay outside the window, making sure I couldn't see anybody on the street. There were days I'd only go downstairs to feed Evie before we all headed back upstairs because I lived in such fear of something being thrown the window, posted through the letterbox I wouldn't risk the kiddos getting hurt. Other days I wouldn't even have the strength to stay at home, I'd head out at roughly 9am and not head home until shortly before Joe was due home. On a night I'd be up and down looking out of the window every time I heard a movement or a car. It was honestly like living in a hell bubble for me. Since we've moved things have definitely calmed down, I feel safe here and secure and the people honestly couldn't have made us feel anymore welcome. Me and the kiddos will happily spend hours pottering around the house, playing games and I can disappear into the kitchen knowing the kiddos are safe and I can get on in peace.

Here's to a fresh start and many new adventures....
Much Love


  1. Congratulations on getting married and on the move. Hope 2018 is full of happiness for you all xx


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