What’s in Evie’s Stocking

With it being Evie's first christmas where she actually knows whats going on I've decided I want to make it extra special and go all out with those extra magical bits; footprints on the floor, half eaten carrot on the fireplace, magic key left by the door etc etc....
 Instead of buying all the toys that were on special offer (Yes I was that mum!) we've sat down and trawled through the Amazon and Argos app and wrote a letter to Santa with everything Evie REALLLYYY wants from Santa. But as well as this I've bought a few extra bits Evie ALWAYS nags for when we're out and about to put in Evie's stocking which I will hopefully be sneaking onto the end of her bed! So here they are......

*A chocolate Santa from Aldi-
This was something ridculous like 80p but everytime we've been food shopping recently Evie has consistently asked me to add it to her list for Santa!

*Some Bic colouring pencils
I like to replace Evie's colouring supplies every year especially the cheaper ones that run out or don't work. These were £1 from Home Bargains

*Pez Refills
I saw these when having a wander round B&M and it triggered in my mind how many times Evie had got the many Pez dispensers she has to be disappointed that we still didn't have anymore sweeties for them

*A Dog hand puppet
Recently Evie brought home a few hand puppets from nursery and adored sitting and acting out pretend scenes with them so when I saw this in Poundland I couldn't pass it up

 *Num Noms
Evie has a tub full of these things and every so often will get them out and spend hours fiddling about changing them. They were only £2.99 from Home Bargains!

*My Little Pony figure
From somewhere Evie has become obsessed with My Little Pony. She won't watch any of the tv episodes or films but loves any merchandise to go with it! This was £4 from Home Bargains I believe:)

*Peppa Pig chocolate shapes
These 80p from B&M and really just something small for Evie to nibble on whilst opening presents on Christmas morning!

*Lightning McQueen Watch
Evie loves Lightning McQueen even though again she's never watched any of the Cars movie!Just don't ask,I don't know?! So I figured this watch would be a good way to get her interested in the telling the time and clocks :)

*Spelling flipchart book
I saw this in one of Emily Norris' poundland hauls and went on the hunt for it. Evie will be 4 in January so we're really trying to help aid her development with letters and spelling :)

What will be in your kiddos stocking this year?
Much Love
Soph x


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