Our Wedding

In just under two weeks time I'll no longer be a Gratton, I'll no longer have to awkwardly tick the single box when my fiance is stood next to me, I'll no longer be a Miss. I'll be a lawfully married woman and I'll have got married exactly the way I wanted.
Every since I was probably 16 I had in my head firmly how I wanted to get married, in my head a wedding was all about two people making a extremely big commitment to spend the rest of their lives together, love each other unconditionally and never ever give up trying to work on their relationship. A wedding wasn't about spending thousands of pounds, wearing a big fancy dress and pleasing everybody else there but yourself. So when Joe proposed ( and fell through a chair all on the same day may I add!) I knew in my heart how I longed for our wedding day to turn out.
We spent hours on end, writing lists, scrolling through websites, having discussions trying to figure out a way we could please everybody who was close to us.  We started off planing to go to Vegas, then the shootings happened. Then we decided we would have a small wedding at Gretna Green so those who wanted to see us marry could. But one thing lead to another, one expense after another came tumbling into the mix and we decided to scrap that idea save up and have a big old wedding in 2020. But eventually it came to a head and it all ended in tears.
That was the point when my mum gave me the best piece of advice I could have asked for... do what makes you happy. By trying to please everybody else you're making yourself miserable. It’s your wedding day. Be selfish.
At our wedding there will be me, Joe and two witnesses, oh and Ewan of course because of the breastfeeding! We'll be getting married then having a lovely meal together before heading home to pick Evie up. After Christmas we are planning on having a big after do but we have some other small issues to attend to first- like moving house, finding Evie a nursery etc etc!- so we can share our happiness with all our friends and family but for now its just us two.
I'll still feel beautiful, I'll still be wearing a gorgeous dress, I'll still be making the same commitment as somebody who has spent hours of planning and thousands of pounds. The only difference is I won't be stood filled with dread at the thought of having to say my vows in front of a room full of people, I won't be stressing out wanting everything to be perfect and exactly how I wanted it, I won't be running around making sure everybody is happy.
I didn't want to spend my wedding day worrying about every little detail(which as a complete and utter control freak I would be!), I didn't want to spend my special day pleasing everybody else. I wanted to spend it being a day about us two, being happy in love and wanting to spend forever together.

I'm marrying Joe because I love him and for no other reason. There are times when no amount of money could bring happiness and right now in my eyes this is one of those times.

Much love
Soph x


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