Our trip to Cbeebies Land Hotel, Alton Towers!

When we first began looking for somewhere we could go as a family for a last minute night away the last place I expected us to end up was Alton Towers! But Center Parcs was full, the caravans at our fave seaside were shut and a night in a Premier Inn in some classy city just wasn't our idea of fun with a 3 year old and 3 month old baby but after much deliberation we bit the bullet and booked the break!
The reviews stated it was a children's version of Las Vegas, the most child friendly hotel they had ever been to, that you woke up to the sound of music bopping along... and I can honestly say every single quote was true!
From the minute we arrived to the minute we left everything had revolved around Evie, which was exactly what we wanted after her brother coming along things had been tough for her and she needed the world to revolve around her for a little while longer. The staff couldn't have been more friendly or helpful if they had tried, they recommended when and where to eat, gave us all the information we'd need for our nights stay and I mean come on even the check in desk had a set of steps so Evie could hand over the paperwork. 
We checked in and headed up to our room, in a lift may I add that had colour changing lights and a musical tune. The corridor was full of the Beebie Bugs, every colour under the sun and little peep windows so you could see down into the dining restaurant. When we got to the room well that was something else. We stayed in the Bugbie room which couldn't have any more accommodating for us especially with having Ewan. There was a bottle warmer, baby bath, a travel cot, children friendly shower gel and interactive toys built into the wall. Even our bedding was covered in Bugbies! To say it gave us a headache was an understatement but we wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Even was over the moon with her bunk bed but eventually settled on the bottom one with all her toys piled on the top one. 
After Mummy and Daddy had had a well needed cuppa we headed down to see what the entertainment was all about and once again it didn't disappoint. At first Evie was pretty reluctant but after some encouragement and me sitting on a beanbag listening to another grown woman read stories she was all over it, dancing along to the conga and cha cha slide, meeting Bing, Postman Pat and Ups Daisy. She made some lovely little friends and you could really sit back and relax and have a drink in peace whilst knowing you could always keep your eyes on the kiddos! The entertainment ran from 7am- 9pm and was unbelievably interactive, the staff once again were a credit to the company. They had an unlimited amount of patience, excitement and energy and honestly were a god send!
The part of the stay I was dreading the most definitely had to be eating out, its rare nowadays we take Evie to any form of restaurant because its simply not worth the stress of dragging her through an experience ultimately she hates and its guaranteed to end in tears. But how this experience changed that....wether it was the unlimited buffet of healthy disguised treats, the friendly staff, the fact there were at least 30 other kids who all at some point had that mini meltdown about the cheese being orange or the bold, bright and fun decorations that surrounded us i'm not sure but it was the first meal in years where we ate warm food, felt chilled out and didn't bat an eyelid when Evie ran riot!
We had an absolute fab night away and Evie has been asking everyday to return since. I couldn't recommend the place anymore! 
Hats off to you Alton Towers!!

Much Love
Soph x


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