My New Years Resolution

Its the New Years Eve of 2017 and for the past few weeks I've been thinking about my New Years Resolutions and what I wanted them to be....
I didn't want them to be something I had to religiously stick to because with two kiddos in tow its probably never going to happen! I didn't want some meaningless resolution- you know what I mean, the run of the mill ones! I wanted to think of something that meant something, that I'd thank myself for in years to come. So I whittled it down to two and here they are...

Since my car was nearly set on fire (through no fault of my own may I add!)and I lived in constant fear of having my house broken into and my possessions stolen it got me thinking. My iMac contains all of my photos, photos from when Evie was baby, photos from when we got married, photos from when those first precious moments of Ewan being born and photos from those everyday moments that want to remember to talk about over family dinners when the kiddos are older. It has all those outtakes photos, that would never make Facebook or Instagram but are the ones that mean something, the photos that you have a tale behind. It got me thinking, what would happen if my iMac was to one day stop working, was stolen or decided to have one of those tantrums computers always seems to have? I know theres iCloud but I'm 99% sure all of my photos aren't up there floating away. So this leads me to my first resolution....
Every month I want to print off 15 photos and put them in a shoe box somewhere safe. I want 15 photos that aren't on social media or in a frame. 15 photos that really do having a memory behind them. Not only will it mean that I have them to hand physically but it'll also be lovely to look back at the end of the year and think, this was my year, theses are my happy times, bad times and crazy family times :)

My second is regarding money, the dreaded M word. Don't get me wrong me and Joe pay our bills, and save a little each month but when you look through our bank account and see Just Eat, McDonalds, Subway, KFC, Just Eat, Nando's etc etc and then tally up the total we've wasted a month on eating out when there was food in the fridge it breaks my heart a little. Me and Joe just can't save money and boy does it wind me up! So I've decided to try doing the penny a day challenge, but instead of committing a specific amount a day I'm going to print out a chart like the one I'll link below and just tick off the change amounts when I have them. That way by the end of the year if we manage to get all the amounts we'll around £600 which seems pretty cushty considering its just hand that would otherwise be hanging around! Oh and we're going to draw out £20 for over a fortnightly period and thats it, thats our take-away eating out spending allowance. Sorry babe!

I wish you all the happiest, healthiest New Year and I'd love to know any New Years Resolutions you have,
Much Love


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