My Harry & Rose Review

As a mum its natural that I want what's best for my children so wherever possible I will provide them with the best products, food,clothing and toys  I can find. But on the flip side I'll also do whatever I can for an easy, simple life(especially since life got so hectic with 2 children under 4)! So when Harry & Rose a luxury baby skincare brand approached me and asked if I'd like some of their products sending out I couldn't help but jump at the chance.... they are natural, pure and organic. What more could I want?

The products are made in the UK, have received several awards including a Silver 2017 Natural Beauty award from the Green Parent, are Paraben free, made with only the highest quality ingredients, come in recyclable packaging (which is always appreciated to do our bit with helping the environment and not filling the general waste bin at home!) and best of all smell absolutely divine!

We have been testing out the Harry & Rose Baby Hair-Body Wash for a few weeks now on both children and I honestly can't really complain at all. The products have been super gentle on Ewan's skin and have caused no irritation or rashes which is always my main worry. Especially on such new, beautiful and soft baby skin. Since Evie had very irritated skin on both of her bum cheeks, the poor little love I have been very cautious of what has been put in the bath if anything at all but I can hand on heart say both the Hair and Body Wash and the Baby Lotion from Harry & Rose have caused no irritation or added problems at all.
The fact the product can be used on both hair and body is definitely an added bonus. It means no more fussing around using shampoo and then something different to wash Evie's body with. Being able to use the same bath water for both children has also been a godsend for us, it always worried me that Ewan's skin would be affected if I was to use any of the fragranced bubble baths I would have used pre-irritated bum cheeks for Evie. So much so that I'd bath them separately or empty the water out and put fresh in for Ewan.

 So being able to just throw both kiddos in the same bath and not have to worry has definitely made bath time a more enjoyable experience for me!

The packaging is stunning, the product smells amazing and the product has completely refreshed the bath time routine for us so overall I am one happy mummy :)
Thank you Harry & Rose for the products and I will be sure to purchase more in the future and I couldn't recommend them any more to all you Mummy's out there!

Much Love


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