I've got to admit I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas, it always seems to spark argument, cause a huge mess in my house, cost an absolute fortune and mean I'm going to put on at least a stone. But since having the kiddos Christmas has definitely sparked a whole other meaning, Christmas is for the kids now. So thank you Toddlers and Tantrums for the tag and here we go with mine.....

What's Your Favourite Christmas Movie?
The Holiday. I'm obsessed. I mean all you have to do is ask Joe and he'll back me up!

Have You Ever Had A White Christmas?
Not that I can remember no... I mean all it'd do is cause chaos anyway...

Where Do You Usually Spend Your Holiday?
We spend it at my Grandmas with all my mums side of the family. Its been that way for as long as I can remember:)

What's Your Favourite Christmas Song?
Ermmm.... I dont think I have a specific favourite. Aren't they just the same few favourites every year anyway? AGAIN and AGAIN?

Do You Open Any Presents on Christmas Eve?
Hell no. Doesn't that just spoil the excitement of Christmas morning?!

Can You Name all of Santa's Reindeer?
Donner, Dancer, Comet, Blitzen, Prancer, Vixen, Rudolph. Crap I'm missing some.

What Holiday Traditions Are You Looking Forward to This Year?
Every year we go to Christingle Service at church in the afternoon of Christmas Eve, then go back to my parents for Fish&Chips. This year though I'm definitely looking forward to creating more traditions for us four as a family :)

Is Your Christmas Tree Real or Fake?
Fake, but for this year only. Next year, new house=new tree=new REAL tree.

What Is Your Favourite Holiday Food/ Treat?
Chocolate. Cake. Anything sweet?

Be Honest: Do You Prefer Giving or Receiving Gifts?
I love giving gifts, especially those gifts you put so much thought, time and effort into. Those ones are the best. But don't get me wrong I love a cheeky gift myself! 

What's The Best Present You've Received?
The Michael Kors watch Joe got me last year, not only was the watch absolutely stunning but had spent hours trailing round finding somewhere he could get it engraved. So its definitely on my top 3 :)

What's Your Dream Place to Visit for the Holiday Season?
I'd love to go to New York to do my Christmas shopping but I also think Center Parcs is just magical during the festive period.

Are You a Pro Wrapper or Do You Fail Miserably?

If I've got my head in the game, a warm cuppa and some sweet treats my wrapping isn't that bad. It's just finding the time, the warm cuppa and the head haha

What's Your Most Memorable Christmas Memory?

Every year we used to have to wait for my dad to go downstairs and check if Santa had been (AKA getting the morning cuppa going and turning the lights on!). Once he'd check and we were all systems go, we had to tell my dad and a video camera from the 1980's what day and year it was then we were let lose on the presents! It's of those memories that has grown with me throughout the years.

What Made You Realise the Truth About Christmas?
When my dad accidentally dropped a present they were getting down from the loft on Christmas Eve and my mum shouted at him. That right there was the deal breaker!

What Makes the Holidays Special for You?

This year it'll be special because its mine and Joe's first year being married at Christmas and the first year of us being a family of four!

Merry Christmas & Much Love


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