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Every week I sit down with my diary, a cup of tea and usually at least a dozen biscuits. Its that time of the week again, meal planning time. Some weeks I find myself super inspired with loads of meal ideas of what we can have that week, other weeks I sit there and consider ordering a takeaway every night of the week. So I figured I'd share with you every other week what our meal plans are... If you have any suggestions, favourite meals in your house and places I can find some easy, tasty meals please let me know! I'm always on the look out for new recipes to try :)

Monday- BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos with Salad
We've been loving this combo recently and with it being super easy to do I can still do it as well as the bedtime routine! Sometimes we swap the BBQ pulled pork up for Chilli, so bloody good!

Tuesday-Shepherds Pie with Yorkshire puds and Veg
I'm all about that comfort food during winter, theres always leftovers from this and I can pack the veg in without Evie being the slightest bit aware. AND she eats potatoes without complaining 1-0 to mama!

Wednesday-Homemade Nando's Chicken
Could we think of anything more stressful than us all eating out? NOPE!! So homemade nando's it is, we usually have this with halloumi cheese, savoury rice and warm pittas and humous. Definitely one of our favourites and I find leaving the chicken soaking up the Nando's sauce from first thing in a morning definitely makes it mmmmm.

Thursday- Chicken casserole with Dumplings
Again another comfort food meal, super easy to do and stick in the oven for an hour! The dumplings have to be super crispy on though, always.

Who wants to cook a full blown meal on a Friday night? I'm tired, the kids are tired and I want nothing more than to sit down and slob in my pjs. Aldi do some really tasty pizzas for £1.89 so we usually get two and then I can always throw in some sweet potato wedges in we're really extra hungry.

Saturday- Gammon Dinner
I always find Saturday is our laziest day so I have more time to prepare and cook dinner. Joe is usually home at a reasonable time from work so we can all sit down and eat together. We'll have plenty of veg with the Gammon as well as Yorkshire Puds, mash and plenty of gravy.

Sunday- Baked potatoes with Gammon
I always tend to buy a bigger Gammon joint than we need so we can have leftover the next day. Baked sweet potato with gammon and cottage cheese on top is the one. Sunday is a busy night for us with lunches to make, baths to do and a house to tidy after the weekend so I always look for something that bit easier!

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