The Realities of a Newborn

To anybody who has never had children or experienced a newborn in my eyes there is a somewhat twisted perception of what being a parent to a newborn baby is like, so heres from me to you a few home truths.....

-Newborn babies may sleep all day but don't be fooled! There is no chance they'll sleep all night, you'll see hours of the day you only recognise as those hours when you used to stroll through the door with take-away in hand and a hangover already starting to form. If you have a good sleeper, your lucky and I strongly dislike you!

-They'll be milk EVERYWHERE! Wether you've chose to breastfeed or formula feed your boobs will still be full of colestrum desperate to escape your body! So don't be surprised when theres a random sudden leakage throughout the first few days, boob pads are bloody amazing and dirt cheap! Make sure the most of them!

-People are constantly at the house! Even when you've just got through the door from the hospital they'll be a queue of excited friends and family at the door waiting to meet your new arrival. But don't be afraid to be selfish, make it very clear they either help with making the endless rounds of drinks, bring you some dinner, pop a load of washing in or tell them to bog off! Don't forget as much as its a special time for them its a special time for you and especially if there are other children already in the picture make sure you guys as a family have time to adjust and bond to your new arrival! 

-Poo and wee is life. Suddenly overnight everything that goes into your childs nappy becomes completely okay to be all over. As in all over them, all over you, probably on your bed, rug, couch. Don't take the risk, ALWAYS use the changing mat! Be fast, be prepared and don't for one second take your eyes off that nappy change. You'll regret it, I promise!

-The period is like no other. I don't believe anybody quite prepared me as to how much I'd bleed after having a baby. I thought I was dying or something, just make sure you stock
 up on pads and grandma knickers. Not so fashionable but oh so comfy!

-Newborns cry and most of the time you have no reason why. At first the crying can sometimes feel like it never ever stops! Its frustrating and overwhelming as you manically try to one by one eliminate why your precious little baba is shrieking his lungs off. But its gets easier and bit by bit you learn exactly what your baby needs :)

Being a parent to a newborn baby is the most overwhelming, rewarding, exhausting job you will ever take on. But I promise you maternal instinct will kick in and as long  as you care, do the best job you believe you can do and take help from others around you, you will be doing such an amazing job!

Much Love


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