My Top 5 Breastfeeding Tips

By no means am I any sort of breastfeeding expert but after failing miserably to breastfeed my eldest kiddo (Evie) I was determined to have a better go with my youngest (Ewan). Whilst I was pregnant I spent hours reading websites about breastfeeding- the in and outs, the recommended equipment and troubles that mums had. 
I'm now nearly 13 weeks into exclusively breastfeeding Ewan and I feel as though things couldn't be going much better so I thought I'd share with you my top 5 tips I'd give for mama's who are thinking of breastfeeding.....

I can remember being 5 days in with breastfeeding Ewan, my boobs were like bullets, there was a constant running supply of leaking milk and my toes curled further into the living room rug every feed. I was ready to give up, I'd sat all morning researching with bottles were best, which sterilisers were most compact and wether the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine was actually any good. But the thought that was whirring round in my head was something Sam Faiers had said on her recent series the Mummy Dairies about how at first it was hard, painful and somewhat overwhelming but to stick with it and it slowly got easier. And damn was she right, slowly my milk supply adjusted to what Ewan needed, the nipples pain disappeared and my temporary boob job deflated. So no matter how crappy at the time you may be feeling, stick with it and I promise bit by bit it gets easier and the rewards that come with it and something that can't be explained :) 

One of my biggest problems the first time around was I was so conscience of breastfeeding in public, I felt as though the world stopped and stared the minute my nipple made an appearance. When the reality of it is, 95% of people are too wrapped up and busy going about their daily business they don't even notice whats going on. If your child needs feeding, feed them. If you need to get your boob out in public, do it. Each time I fed it in public it became less and less of an ordeal to me, I worried less and less and just relaxed into the feed as though I was sat at home on my couch. Be confident in what you are doing and hard as it may seem forget the world around you and just keep doing what your doing!

One of the biggest helps I have found since having Ewan was social media although there are many cons to sites such as Facebook and Instagram as a mum there are also so many pros. There are so many other mums out there who are probably going through the same problem as you or experienced it last month. Its just a case of seeking them and speaking out, voicing the problem thats eating you up inside, the rant you can't give to your husband because he simply will never understand. The minute you get a reply back telling you its okay you feel overwhelmed, thats so many do combination feed or what your doing is amazing in itself the relief will lift such a big weight off your shoulders. At first it may seem daunting but it'll help you in a time of need :) 

One of the best ways I feel breastfeeding is made easier was through preparing. Makes sure you have enough boob pads to last you a while, make you have them stocked in your bag for when all of a sudden the River Nile of milk is flowing through your top. Make sure you have good comfortable nursing bras on to make it easier to access, button down shirts and dresses or baggy jumpers are a life saver for still feeling good in what you are wearing but being able to feed easier. I always carry a muslin round with me in my bag because tucked into your bra strap its a fab way to cover up whilst you and your baba fidget around getting sorted, latched on and feeding!

Always remember if you aren't happy breastfeeding and you truly believe it's not for you and/or your baby then don't do it. Don't let the pressure of being a mother in todays society force you to be miserable in trying to stick at something that is often seen as the holy grail! If you've tried talking, tried all the different feeding positions in the world, tried building the confidence to feed in public but don't feel happy doing it. Then simply don't it, remember what makes mama happy often makes baby happy too.

Much Love


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