Gousto Meals: Our Experience

Since having a newborn addition to the family we've been looking for new ways to plan meals, prepare food and make sure we aren't having to order a take away every night of the week. Since Evie is at nursery for dinner 3 nights a week and has a sleepover another night of the week most nights there is only me and Joe to feed. But to add another twist to things Joe has just started a new job an hours drive away so won't be arriving home until between half 7 and 8 every night, this means I'm left to do the dreaded bedtime routine solo most nights and need something easy to prep by that time of night.
We came across Gousto meals after family recommended them to us and since trying a few meals they let us have we've ordered them every week and never looked back so to speak! I love the fact all I have to do is pick which meal were going to cook that, get the ingredients out of the fridge and cupboard and I'm ready to go. There's no waste at the end of the week and we aren't left with tonnes of food in the fridge thats gone out of date and ends of being thrown in the bin.
The meals we've tried so far have included things both of us never thought we'd eat and would never have thought of making but we have both been blown away by how easy to make and tasty the meals are. We've had meals such as Halloumi Burgers with a smoky tomato relish and home made herby potato wedges, Sticky chilli beef burritos and lime mayo and Lemon pepper chicken with rosemary potatoes and salad. 
The portion sizes are most than sufficient and can easily feed us both when we're hungry, grumpy and ready for a yummy meal at the end of a long day!
It gives us chance as a couple every night to spend some quality time together, its let me have a break from doing all the cooking but at the same time has truly reminded me just how much I do enjoy I cooking.
I can honestly say the boxes have changed the way we eat and definitely helped lower our food budget! And for now I can't see us stopping our weekly subscription anytime soon so thanks Gousto!

Much Love


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