What I Eat in a Day... At 8 Months Pregnant

Don't get me wrong as a heavily pregnant woman there are days when I could eat and eat and eat... and when I say eat I mean EAT. But on the days when this isn't the case this was I would typically eat....
Due to no other reason than its the only thing that truly quenches my thirst I have been drinking at least 2 litres of water if not more each day. I tend to drink water by the bottle simply to make it easier to track how much I have drunk throughout the day and it tends to be easier to grab when I'm heading out with Evie. It has definitely helped my skin throughout this pregnancy and doesn't leave me with everlasting heartburn which fizzy drinks have been :(


Breakfast can vary completely depending on when Evie gets up and the order in which I choose to do things. If its a nursery day I love to get Evie sent off to nursery with Joe so I can sit down with a hot cuppa and enjoy my breakfast in peace whilst catching up on some of my crappy TV from the night before. Other times I stick a load of washing in, sort Evie's breakfast out then sit down myself all before 7am, when this does happen I tend have a second breakfast by 10...no lies here!

Today I decided to have a good old nutritional bowl of Coco Shreddies with a cuppa Yorkshire Tea. This will probably have been topped up with some form of fruit and a yoghurt half an hour later too as I would more than likely have shared this with Evie.

On this particular day me and Evie had been running errands out and about so had decided to grab some lunch at Subway. I absolutely love a Subway salad mainly because I know the preparation that goes into cutting up all that stinking veg! Usually I would get either a Turkey breast and Turkey ham or Chicken Tikka salad. Veg wise I will get lettuce, onions, peppers, cucumber, carrot with sweet onion sauce on the top, a pile of mayo at the side and plenty of salt and pepper!


Today was one of the 2 nights a week that Joe works late which means I tend to cook one meal for Evie earlier on in the night and one meal for us when Joe is home. Tonight it was tuna, roasted sweet potato and feta wraps with chopped carrot and mange-tout on the side with humus sprinkled with Peri Peri salt and some left over roasted sweet potato wedges. The wedges are best with salt pepper and garlic on them. For pudding I no doubt had something naughty that I shouldn't have like those chocolate yoghurts that are ridiculously cheap from Aldi!

Throughout the day I'll make sure to have my two cups of Raspberry Leaf Tea which I have started drinking now I am in the later stages of my pregnancy, most likely paired with a couple of biscuits or a few of Evie's sweets I've secretly had when she wasn't looking!
I've been trying to reach for the fruit bowl or a yoghurt recently instead of instead the Treat Box in the hope of shifting this baby weight easier when little man finally makes an entrance!

Much Love


  1. I'm always stealing Darcie's snacks from the cupboards too �� I think when I was pregnant I ate about four times this much, I'd definitely be more restrained next time now I know how hard the weight is to lose!! Not long to go now ��

    1. Don't get me wrong there are days when I eat like an absolute pig, especially those days when I feel really crappy and miserable...but I'm exactly the same I'm dreading how much I'm going to have to lose when this baby eventually makes an appearance so I feel like starting good habits now will help me along the way xxx


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