36 Weeks Pregnancy Update

This week has definitely been THAT week. The week where I am well and truly fed up of being pregnant and no matter how many times I sit and have a word with myself about enjoying every moment I can of being pregnant I simply can't. The 3 words I would currently use to describe myself are fat, miserable and fed up. How positive hey? I had my 36 week midwife appointment to be greeted yet again by a different midwife... a health visitor who visited my house and spent what felt like hours patronising me! I'm just so ready to have this bundle of joy in my arms and to be settling into a family life with 2 children instead of one!
  • How pregnant are you? 36 Weeks and 4 Days
  • How many days until due date: 24 days.... hallelujah!!
  • Weight: Well if I thought the weight gain had been bad a few weeks ago, the midwife measured me at my appointment and I've managed to gain another half a stone. The baby definitely isn't going to be a dinky dot...
  • Pregnancy symptoms: The heartburn miraculously has taken a back road recently, I think its from my bump dropping and there being more room by my diaphragm. Here's some TMI for you, I've had a mega increase in discharge the past week and I'm sure theres been some of my mucus plug in amongst it all.
  • Stretch Marks: They have finally made an appearance around my belly button... I knew it was going to happen eventually but hey ho!
  • Cravings: I'm not craving anything at the moment, unless cleaning and organising counts. I've definitely spent a lot of time recently getting my ducks in a row for when this baby comes!
  • Movement: Still plenty of movement, I notice it even more so now and everytime he pushes his head further down I spend a desperate 30 seconds worrying I might wee myself haha
  • Gender: Still a boy :) hopefully!
  • Sleep: I've been sleeping perfectly fine recently, I get up in the middle of the night for that one needed wee stop and then I'm fine until the morning. No complaints there!
  • Worst moment this week: I can't think of one in particular that stands out if I'm honest!
  • Best moment this week: It has to be mentally knowing I'm down to the 4 week mark, knowing he's head down and things are ready to go!!
  • Nesting:  I've been cleaning all the things you usually dread cleaning this week, I'm obsessed with everything being germ free, full of bleach and straight. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come that my house really is going to be a bomb site when baby H arrives!
  • Labour signs: I've had lots of super strong Braxton Hicks the past few days, my back has been aching like crazy too!
  • Belly button in or out? Its in until you pull my belly down slightly then all of a sudden its pop out... our source of entertainment for this week 
  • Wedding rings on or off? Still stuck on there snug as as glove. This ring ain't coming off until this baby is out and some of this weight has been shifted
  • Happy or moody most of the time: Oh gosh, my hormones are all over the place so its really a huge mix of them both at the minute. Most of the time I'm just flat, thats the only way I can describe it really
  • Looking forward to: Having this baby!!

Much Love


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