28 Week Pregnancy Update

This week has been another rollercoaster of emotions between working and feeling exhausted after 10 minutes on my feet and consultant appointments that have left me feel worried and upset I am glad this week is done with! My bump has felt huge this week and getting harder and harder to dress resorting to me and Evie spending a lot of time hanging around the garden and the house so I can stay comfy and cool in this random heatwave we seem to be having. We finally seem to have decided on a baby name although the list of back-ups has remained just incase he makes an appearance and it really doesn't seem right! I've finally confirmed my maternity leave and boy does it feel good seeing that countdown slowly getting smaller everyday on my phone. 

  • How pregnant are you? 28 week and 6 days
  • How many days until due date: 77 days, where is the time going?
  • Weight: Heavy. Thats enough on that!
  • Pregnancy symptoms: The heartburn has definitely still be a very present factor in my life this week along with some horrendous rib pains. I can also slowly feel that tiredness creeping back in...
  • Stretch Marks: Still no stretch marks, woohoo
  • Cravings: Just water or anything liquid. I have been drinking for England this week. The colder the better!
  • Movement: He must definitely be getting sick of being in there, me and Joe spend so much watching my tummy do Mexican Waves and joints sticking out of 
  • Gender: I'm hoping and praying thats its still and always was a boy otherwise I'm going to have a serious problem when this munchkin does eventually arrive! 
  • Sleep: Evie has been getting up earlier and earlier just recently and the half 5 wake ups are definitely starting to take its toll on me
  • Worst moment this week: That consultant meeting!!
  • Best moment this week: Us finally cracking the potty training with leaving the house too :)
  • Nesting:  As much as I'm wanting everything perfect and OCDly clean I'm having to admit I'm finding it harder and harder to keep up with it all. I find myself doing the cleaning in bursts when I suddenly feel motivated and raring to go
  • Labour signs: I've been noticing the Braxton Hicks more and more and keep feeling this strong downward pressure but thats all
  • Belly button in or out? Still in 
  • Wedding rings on or off? I wear my ring the majority of the time but I find myself getting through the door and taking my ring, watch and clothes off because I feel so uncomfy! 
  • Happy or moody most of the time: I'm just sort of content for now, I have moments where everything feels a tad too much or I snap because I'm so tired and moments where I just want to hug my family and tell them how much I appreciate them but I blame the hormones haha
  • Looking forward to: Seeing the midwife and seeing if she can shine any light on my previous consultant appointment and getting the finishing touches done in the house

Much Love


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