Why is my child behaving like such a brat?!?!

This question crosses my mind so many times within a weeks period, usually when Evie is misbehaving is the most public situation we've been in all week when you feel like every other person is staring at your toddler giving you attitude or having a complete meltdown on the floor and I'm at the point where I can't physically drag her out of the situation anymore, I've tried to reason with her and outright failed so have taken to standing and waiting for the moment pass. Meanwhile all the reasons this could possibly be happening right now start firing through my mind....

-Maybe its because she's tired, from all those 5am wake up calls and 0 naps to go with them

-Maybe its because she knows theres a new baby on the way so she's really trying to test those boundaries and see how much attention she can get

-Maybe its because she is a spoilt little brat, constantly getting treats for her good potty training or as bribes to make that painful weekly food shop less of a stab to the heart

-Maybe its because I'm not giving her all my attention 24 hours of the day and sometimes I do enjoy just sitting on the loo for 5 minutes and flicking through instagram, desperate for 5 minutes of peace

-Maybe its because I don't discipline her enough because well lets face it she's not going to sit on that step regardless of how many times I put her back and the counting down game only works so many times in a day before she twigs on and counts down with me

-Maybe its because 3 days a week by the time I get home from work I'm shattered and she's shattered and we both just sit and stare at screens until bed time

-Maybe its because she's had to adjust recently with Joe moving in and taking on that other parent role which was previously filled by me

-Maybe she's possessed by the devil and just knows how to push my buttons until I'm ready to pop

-Maybe I've just completely and utterly failed as a parent

Or maybe just maybe she's just being a 3 year old sassy little toddler and I need to learn to relax and just let her be a child....

Much Love 
Soph xx


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