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Hello to all you lovelies out there....

I figured it was about time to introduce myself, give you an explanation behind my blog name and give you a little insight into what goes on in my everyday world!

Firstly, hi! My name is Sophie, I am a soon to be 22 year old mum of one who lives in Bradford (next to Leeds as everybody else says!). I recently got engaged to my best friend and probably the only person on the planet stupid enough to put up with me fiancĂ©, Joe. I am currently near enough 7 months pregnant with second child, hopefully to be a boy due August 15th 2017! 
I work part time as a I am lucky enough to have both my grandparents and mum on hand to watch Evie whilst I go to work. When I'm not at work I find myself madly cleaning the house, running errands or on endless trips to the park or playgroup with my little madam. On those rare chances you get ten minutes to yourself I love nothing more than settling down to flick through Instagram or getting stuck into a good old book on my Kindle!
I started this blog after reading so many others not only during this pregnancy but through my first pregnancy, I found them a great help and place to get truthful and honest advice without the belittling and patronising effect I struggled with from healthcare officials due to being a young mum. I had all these ideas in my head of things I wanted to say and memories I wanted to keep and figured this was the best way of keeping track of them! The name comes from a skin condition I currently have which started roughly 6 months after I had my eldest, Evie. But I'm sure that'll be delved into much deeper in time to come.
I plan to share everything from pregnancy updates, hauls, baking recipes, book review, memories we have as a family and anything else that comes to mind....
I hope you enjoy reading and catching up with me and I'm always here to say hi!

Much Love



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