26 Week Pregnancy Update

This week marks the last week of my second trimester and I'm not entirely sure where this one has gone....as much as it means I'm on the home straight now and the newborn snuggly arrival is in sight I've got to say I am not looking forward to the major uncomfortableness, extreme exhaustion and leaky boobs that are coming my way! I have 5 weeks left at work before a whole year of being a full time mummy and watching my two little munchkins grow. The hours of standing on my feet are definitely beginning to take their toll and the continuous nesting habit I have going on doesn't help my tiredness either! I can't wait for next weeks consultant appointment to be over with so both me and Joe know where we stand with the birth and I can get my plan of action finalised and complete (not that any birth actually sticks to the plan!). 

  • How pregnant are you? 26 Weeks and 5 Days
  • How many days until due date: 91 Days... finally into two digits!!
  • Weight: I've still not manned up enough to weigh myself and everything just seems to be doubling in size every week.... I'll just embrace the pregnancy and ginormous weight gain that comes with it and worry about the weight loss later :) 
  • Pregnancy symptoms: I've definitely been suffering more with heartburn and indigestion this week although nothing seems to help apart from cold milk which really isn't my face...apart from that I'm a happy little pregnancy bunny
  • Stretch Marks: For now I've still managed to avoid the stretch marks... lets hope it stays that way
  • Cravings: I wouldn't say I'm particularly craving any one thing, I am definitely drinking a lot of water but its more a case of I get something in my mind and then I must have it within the hour....its been Tablet from Scotland, a burger with cheese mayo and onions and at one point just iceberg lettuce...
  • Movement: I've got used to my movement pattern now and being able to watch my tummy moves as my little bear shuffles around in there is definitely reassuring!
  • Gender: I'm hoping and praying thats its still and always was a boy otherwise I'm going to have a serious problem when this munchkin does eventually arrive! 
  • Sleep: I've found I definitely have more energy this trimester and have found myself being able to do plenty more during the day but when 9pm comes it can be guaranteed I'm tucked up in bed reading or already out for the night
  • Worst moment this week: Definitely has to be Evie pooing in her knickers, we were doing so well with the potty training and then it all went wrong. I'm just hoping its not knocked her confidence
  • Best moment this week: It definitely has to be getting engaged, what else could have topped that?!
  • Nesting: Now that its definitely decided we are staying in this decorating plans are in full swing. The new carpet has been put down, the painting is commencing this weekend and the dreaded 5 hour IKEA shop has been done! I always feel the need to clean as well and for everything to be spick and span before bed just incase....
  • Labour signs: The Braxton Hicks have definitely ramped it up a gear just recently and I find myself really recognising them this time round... lets just hope I recognise labour as well haha
  • Belly button in or out? Still in thank god 
  • Wedding rings on or off? Well I have the engagement ring now to get wedding planning :) 
  • Happy or moody most of the time: I'd say happy the vast majority of the time BUT get me in the wrong mood and I feel sorry for you especially if you park in parent and child car parking spaces when you most definitely don't have a child!!
  • Looking forward to: Having the house painted and being about to but my touch on things, my birthday next week and getting this dreaded consultant appointment out of the way 

Much love 
Soph x


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