18 Week Pregnancy Update.....

This week has definitely seemed one of the best so far.... my skin has cleared up, I haven't spent my morning with my head down the toilet and I've managed to drag my lazy arse out of bed with Evie at the crack of dawn! It's easy to say that my bump is definitely growing after my belly was seen peeping out of the bottom of a top that fit me only a matter of weeks ago and my boobs seem to be doubling in size day by day leading to the occasional nip slip with fast movements.....sorry for the TMI!
My nesting instinct seems to have majorly kicked in this week with me spending forever Pinning ideas on Pinterest for pillows and throws and decorating ideas and making endless lists of things that need doing around the house before Baby arrives. I've been making the most of the this massive surge of energy I seem to have throughout the day but still crash after Ev has gone to bed and can be guaranteed to be tucked in and KOed by 9 every night!

  • How pregnant are you? 18 Weeks and 6 Days
  • How many days until due date: 147 Days and counting!
  • Weight: Oh lord I've not weighed myself in months.... do I really want to know how much I weigh with these heavy boobs and mahoosive belly?!
  • Pregnancy symptoms: Everything has been pretty settled this week... no sickness, plenty of energy and my skin has finally calmed down
  • Stretch Marks: I've not spied any just yet, hopefully I manage to avoid that one
  • Cravings: Super cold water, and sour fruit.... raspberries and lemons are my faves at the minute
  • Movement: Definitely tonnes more movement this week, I've noticed it more before bed and tonnes when I wake up
  • Gender: Its a definitely a boy :) 
  • Sleep: Sleeping like a log....at least 8 hours a night but then I can easily get up and out of bed for half 6 in the morning when Eves wakes us up
  • Worst moment this week: Theres nothing I can think of or that springs to mind!
  • Best moment this week: Evie has finally clicked with the potty training...yippeeeeeee!!
  • Nesting: We've decided to stay put in the current house we are in so I've made a list of everything that needs changing or doing before the baby comes
  • Labour signs: None and I'd like it to stay that way please
  • Belly button in or out? In
  • Wedding rings on or off? Speak to Joe about those.....
  • Happy or moody most of the time: Oh god, it depends who, what, where and why!
  • Looking forward to: Getting this dreaded consultant appointment out of the way, Mothers Day on Sunday and buying the pram next week!


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