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Going Back to Work

One of the main topics of conversation at the minute is me going to back to work, me and Joe seem to be stuck in a cycle of what we should do. So I figured I'd stick everything into a post and see if anybody could shine some light on the situation for me. Don't get me wrong this could end up becoming very rant like and not a well structured blog post at all!

Basically the cycle stands as such,
1) I stay at home, Evie's 30 hours free childcare drops to 15.  I don't try and find any work until Evie goes to school in September freeing up more hours where we won't be topping up childcare as much and would hopefully only need to fund after school clubs.

But then I want to teach my children that you have to work hard for what you want in life. I don't want them thinking you get nice things handed to you on a plate. I need some amount of time every week where I am Sophie not Mummy. Which brings me to option 2...

2) I work part time, 3/4 days a week where Joe could be …

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